Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Prompt, professional and detailed drive-by Broker Price Opinion’s will be provided within 48 hours of receipt of a REO Property listing, using the format required by the asset manager's company and essential photos will be taken for proper valuation. 

Some agents may send an assistant and/or another staff member to review the property and determine a market strategy.  Maryland REO Connection insists on seeing each property personally and accurately discuss it with the asset manager, appraisers, buyers, and other agents. 

It’s Simple – We Know Our Product!


Within 24 hours of notification of a new assignment, Maryland REO Connection will determine if the property is occupied or vacant.

If The Property is Occupied... 

  • A drive-by BPO will be prepared.  
  • Maryland REO Connection will make a diligent effort to contact the occupants within 24 hours of the assignment and determine if the occupants are in the process of moving, or if ‘cash for keys’ should be offered.  If no contact is made an ‘occupant notice’ will be posted. We will aggressively pursue ‘cash for keys’ to facilitate a fast vacancy and/or expedite eviction proceedings and arrange for bonded movers.
  • Provide monthly property inspection reports during the eviction process and monitor on a regular basis.

If The Property is Vacant...

  • The property will be immediately secured by a licensed and bonded locksmith, including lock changes/installation, and secure all access points.
  • A Broker Price Opinion report will be submitted with necessary repairs noted, the property tax record and a detailed competitive market analysis with interior and exterior photos.
  • Perform property inspection, condition evaluation and install lock box.
  • An Insurance claim form will be submitted and preliminary title work will be ordered.



Maryland REO Connection, LLC  Toll Free: 877-631-0778  Fax: 301-694-9321  info@mdreoconnection.com
Send BPO requests to bpo@mdreoconnection.com